Fashion event organization: Basics and pro tips

Whether you are a beginner or a pro event organizer, there are some event organization tips that you should follow. Organizing a fashion event, in particular, is a good way to show that you can take your event organizing to the next level. 

With a fashion event, you can go in many different directions, you can showcase a new collection of clothes, promote local businesses and designers, raise funds, and many other ideas. However, to be able to do any of those things, you need to know all event organizing tips – both basic and pro.

Three basic key organization tips include a lot of planning, putting together a great team, and coming up with a detailed event program. Pro tips, however, are a bit more detailed.

So, let’s see what basic and pro tips can help you organize a successful fashion event.

Planning a fashion event

Putting together a plan for a fashion show will probably take the most of your time. This is because you need to plan a theme, set a budget, find a perfect venue, and come up with just the right time and date. Let’s find out how pros do this.

  1. Come up with the theme

Of course, the main theme of every fashion event is fashion, but what kind of clothes will you showcase? Will it be a spring/summer fashion collection, lingerie, swimsuits, men’s clothing, and so on? A lot depends on determining the theme of the event. 

Next, you have to decide what sort of fashion event will you be organizing – a fundraiser, promotion of local designers and businesses, showcasing a new collection, or something else.

  1. Create an event budget

The budget will mostly depend on the theme of the event. Knowing exactly how much you can spend will help you figure out all the event planning details. If you’re organizing a charity event, try to keep the costs as low as possible. 

  1. Find a venue and work on venue details

When choosing a venue, keep in mind that it needs to accommodate the runway, seats, speakers, and lights. In addition to that, event venues should also be spacious enough to accommodate the audience, they should be accessible and have enough parking space. 

Since you’re organizing a fashion event, you’ll need amenities and private space for models to change clothes, and do makeup and hair.

  1. Set date and time

The last but equally important thing to consider when planning an event is the date and time. Usually, the availability of the venue will dictate the date of your event. 

However, you should have the chance to decide if you want your show to be a day or an evening event. Since it’s a fashion event, it should last no longer than an hour. 

Putting together a well-coordinated team

The key to a well-coordinated team is great team communication. That’s why you should find all the best ways to use communication technology and encourage the whole team to communicate. There are so many apps and platforms perfect for internal communication, so this shouldn’t be a problem.

  1. Find stage and backstage team

Finding a good backstage manager is crucial. A backstage manager should have great organizational and people skills as they will be in charge of making sure everything is running smoothly. Then, find people who will be responsible for the stage/runway, lighting, and sound. 

Makeup artists and hairstylists could be also considered backstage personnel. They will be responsible for making models look and styling during the show.

  1. Contact fashion designers and boutiques

Since this is a fashion show, you’ll need some clothing to showcase. This is where fashion designers and local boutiques come into play. Contact designers and boutiques, ask them if they want to participate in your event or at least donate or land some clothing and accessories. 

Make sure to tell them that this will be great marketing for them!

  1. Choose models

You’ll also need models for your fashion event. You can hire professional models or you can ask volunteers. To get professional models, you’ll need to contact modeling agencies or organize a casting. If you want to get volunteer models, make sure you leave ads on social media. 

Running the fashion event

The last step in organizing a fashion event is putting everything together and making sure everything is running smoothly. Set up a runway, install lighting, and sound systems, and other important details.

Once that is done, you can make a detailed program, when will each model walk on the runway, how will they walk, and for how long. Having these details figured out, you won’t have any problems.

To minimize the mistakes, make sure you do a rehearsal or two. This is just to make sure that everyone knows their job and that they’re doing it correctly. And, of course, don’t skip checking everything one last time on the day of the event. You can never be sure.


Organizing a fashion, or any other kind of event may seem like a daunting and overwhelming job. In truth, the key to a great event organization lies in how well you’re prepared and organized. Communication is the key to a well-coordinated team, and a good team is the key to a successful event!

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