How to Become an AWS Solutions Architect – A Deep Beginner’s Guide

Are you new to AWS? Want to take your career to new heights by becoming an AWS-certified solutions architect? If yes, you’ve stumbled on the right page. Learn about the basics of the AWS certification course and the skills required to establish a career as an AWS cloud developer. 

In today’s world, more and more companies are switching to AWS technology due to its scalability and effectiveness. So, both small-sized businesses and small-sized businesses are looking forward to hiring AWS-certified solutions architects


Amazon Web Services comprises several cloud computing infrastructures, innovative cloud services and products. Businesses that switch to AWS can access cloud networking, servers, and remote computing technology. AWS is known on account of its cost efficiency, security, scalability, and simplicity and its compliance with Software as a Service, Infrastructure as a Service, and Platform as a Service. 


Steps to undergo an AWS training and certification program


Step 1: Register for an online AWS certification course 

The first and foremost role of an AWS engineer is to understand ways to implement the AWS cloud to enhance the security of your organization. To become an AWS cloud developer, you will have to learn skills such as networking, transparent communication, basics of data storage, cloud-based technologies and patterns, and so on. This will enable you to learn the fundamentals of data storage and understand the basics of scripting languages and programming such as C#, Python, or Java. 


These architects should have knowledge of one of these operating systems: Ubuntu, Solaris, Windows, Unix, or Linux. Select an online AWS certification course that will help you learn about data storage, AWS services, basic infrastructure design, cloud security and monitoring, and Data Analytics. 


Step 2: Crack the AWS cloud computing exam

After undergoing an AWS certification training, you will have to sit for an AWS Solutions Architect Associate level exam. 


Let’s take a look at four kinds of AWS certification:


  • Foundational certification: It helps you to learn the basics of AWS cloud as well as industry for a duration of six months.


  • Associate certification: The associate-level cloud security program is divided into AWS-certified solutions architect, AWS-certified developer, and AWS-certified SysOps Administrator. Its duration is one year. 


  • Professional certification: The professional level programs are AWS certified solutions architect, and AWS certified DevOps engineer programs. It takes into account troubleshooting, operating, and designing programs related to the AWS cloud. 


  • Speciality certification: The speciality AWS certification program includes AWS-certified Alexa skill builder, data analytics, database, advanced networking, cloud security, machine learning, and so on. 


Tips to clear the AWS DevOps cloud certification

To clear the AWS certification training program, you can take the help of a few resources.

The pivotal ones are as follows:


  • Enrol in online courses: Learn more about AWS fundamentals.
  • AWS documentation: To understand AWS, AWS documentation is considered a reliable resource.
  • Read online blogs.
  • Go through books: Refer to books based on AWS solutions architect certification.
  • Read AWS-related FAQs
  • Gather practical know-how: Choose a course that will allow you to access practical labs. Access the AWS console by creating a free-tier AWS account.
  • Practice tests and revision: Solve previous year’s questions and practice tests. It helps in time management. With ample practice, you will be able to solve practical sums quickly and effortlessly. 
  • Go through case studies and AWS white papers: If you want to gather practical and in-depth knowledge based on AWS, white papers or case studies can be of great help. 


Step 3: Take up internships and headhunt for new jobs 

When it comes to landing a good job or application knowledge, it’s important to apply it in pragmatic ways. To kickstart your journey, you can participate in industry-based internships, projects, and apprenticeship programs to apply theoretical concepts to solve real-world issues. It will increase your chances of landing a real job. 


Haven’t you enrolled in an AWS certification program yet? AWS certification will open a world of opportunities for you and enable you to choose from several high-paying jobs. When you have the relevant expertise along with certification, it will lead your career to greener pastures. Most importantly, you can not only earn high revenue but also land up in a respectable position. 

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