Things You Must Avoid While Doing Coursework Planning – Best Tips for University Students

So, you are about to start working on your coursework writing? Good to know. However, do you know what the most important thing to do is before starting to write the coursework? Yes, it is coursework planning. Planning is everything if you want to produce quality coursework writing on time. Without planning, you can neither finish your coursework on time nor insert quality information in it. So, this makes the planning of coursework extremely essential. 

However, it has been seen that most students do many mistakes while doing coursework planning. What are those mistakes to avoid? If you want an answer to this question, read this article till the end because it is all about answering this question. Before going to the things to avoid, let’s describe what coursework planning is. 

What does it mean by coursework planning? 

Coursework is scholarly work done by a student in the partial fulfilment of his degree. To write the coursework, students must develop planning skills in them. Planning coursework is all about dividing the whole task into several smaller chunks and working on them separately. It is also about allotting a specific time window to each section of your coursework. So, this is what planning a coursework means. 

Things to avoid while doing coursework planning

Planning of a coursework is carried out to ease the process of writing. It is aimed at providing you with a smooth way to complete your coursework. However, many students make mistakes and find themselves unable to plan coursework properly. Hence, a brief description of the things to avoid while planning your coursework is as follows: 

Avoid neglecting the writing guidelines 

The first thing you must avoid doing is neglecting the coursework writing guidelines. Writing guidelines provided by your teacher can help you a lot in planning your coursework. The reason is that those guidelines contain information about word count limits, writing style, preferred formatting, and referencing styles. All this information helps you a lot in planning your coursework. For example, your guidelines ask you to use the APA writing style. So, you must stick to the APA style and plan accordingly. 

Avoid setting a soft deadline 

Deadlines are the dates that keep students moving. Coursework planning requires you to set yourself a deadline. So, if you set yourself a deadline, do not go for soft ones. Most students go for soft deadlines and pay the price in the end when they find themselves unable to complete the coursework writing. Soft deadlines mean flexible deadlines, in which students are little concerned if the task gets completed on time or not. You, as the coursework writer, must avoid this and set yourself a hard deadline always. The reason behind this is simple. The hard or strict deadlines keep you moving. 

Avoid distractions 

Distractions during the planning phase can be very costly in the long run. It is because when you unnecessarily go on a break or start using your phone, you lose momentum. Once you lose the momentum, know that you are doomed and cannot create an effective plan for your coursework writing. Hence, it is always advisable to keep your planning environment free from any kind of distractions. Switch off your mobile phones and be seated in a quiet and peaceful space where ideas can flow smoothly. 

Avoid planning the coursework as a whole 

Planning is undoubtedly an essential phase in coursework writing. To make an effective plan for your dissertation, you must not work on coursework planning as a whole. This is a mistake that most students make and suffer from this in the writing phase. The good practice is that you should divide the coursework into smaller sections and then plan for those sections. If you still feel that you are unable to do this, then a famous coursework writing service can help you. It can divide the task into smaller chunks effectively and prepare a plan for you. 

Avoid forgetting the revision stage 

Lastly, the students mostly forget the importance of the editing stage in their coursework planning. Once a plan is made, it is important that you revise it and add things that have been missed in the first go. If you neglect this stage, it may be possible that there are mistakes in it, and due to those mistakes, you will not be able to complete your coursework on time. So, do not forget to edit the plan once created. 


Conclusively, coursework planning is a crucial element for writing effective coursework. The above discussed are the things that you must avoid while doing this planning. When you avoid distractions and avoid neglecting the coursework writing guidelines, your plan becomes effective. By following that created plan, you can easily get an A+ grade in your coursework. 

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